Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

GRAUS, together with the rapidly depleting natural resources, the environment, which is increasingly important today; believes that it is one of the most important treasures to be left to the next generations in the future.

Acting with the awareness of protecting and developing the natural environment and leaving a more livable environment for the future, GRAUS, which acts by minimizing the possible damages to the environment in all its production and operational processes, also carries out important works in order to spread environmental awareness to the masses.

In this direction, our environmental policy as GRAUS;

To minimize waste, integrate waste management systems into the general operation, prevent pollution at its source, use energy efficiently and reduce the negative effects of our activities on the environment, and raise awareness and encourage our suppliers and stakeholders on green economy and energy efficiency studies.

As GRAUS, our basic idea about the environment is; Reducing the carbon emissions of the machinery and equipment we will produce, keeping energy efficiency in the foreground and designing and developing these products in a way that will cause the least harm to the environment, keeping the environmental factors under control and minimizing the environmental factors related to the new processes and activities to be developed, preferring technology and applications with the priority of energy efficiency, protecting the nature. To implement environmental projects that will protect the environment and contribute positively to the ecological balance, to be a pioneer and an example in such social responsibility projects, and to spread all these principles to our country and to the world.