What is TPE Thermoplastic Elastomer

What is TPE?

How can thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) be used to the user with their high process obtained from vulcanization closed, wide scope, environment and temperature resistance, recycling, small size material and colorability, as they are as wide as vulcanized rubber tires, which can be made from all plastic machines? are low production and investment materials.

TPE is generally handmade from one soft and one hard phase. soft breathable and rubberized rubber air permeable airbag fabric hard plastic rubber tire air permeability and fabric soft rubber tire air permeability airbag fabric thin plastic tire air permeability and fabric plastic rubber filled air permeability and fabric plastic tire cover

TPEs of the type belonging to this structure are elastic and weather resistant equipment such as rubber. They have strength and machinability from materials such as thermoplastics.


Basic Formulation